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Cletus Coffey is a leader in sports and social leadership. He inspires sports leaders and coaches, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, to lead as “examples of possibility”. Filled with energy, passion, and an authentic connection with his audience, Cletus brings a truly animated, entertaining, and inspiring show that gets right to the heart of service, creating change and making a difference.

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Sports Leadership

What happened to the leaders in today’s sports organizations? Who is coaching the coaches? What does it take to lead the 21st Century athlete anyway? This is a topic I have passionately studied my entire life. Having played professional football, won a World Championship in track & field, and have coached and trained youth, collegiate and professional athletes, I get it.  For leaders of young student-athletes from youth sports to the collegiate level, there is a unique opportunity to increase the human potential of every athlete we teach, train, and mentor.

The technology in sports, the style of play, the equipment are all upgrading to the 21st Century. The leadership, however, is still operating from an outdated paradigm. Much attention is placed on developing the athlete, yet very little is placed on developing those in leadership roles.  Society and sport are evolving and so must the leadership. I teach and train coaches how to improve their own impact and performance, while at the same time teaching them how to influence their athletes to become effective leaders in life beyond sport.

In this new era, leaders in the sports world must continue to learn how to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with the new generation and show them how to impact this world both on and off the field. I can help light this way.

“Inspiring, creative, and dynamic, Cletus is a rare trainer who connects with his audience on such an intimate level.”

James Donaldson, author of Standing Above the Crowd, NBA All Star


Social Leadership: Leading with a Giving Hand

“Wow! Very few have the leadership skills to elevate others to think bigger and explore their full potential like Cletus Coffey, his content is intoxicating.”

Patrick Snow, author of Creating Your Own Destiny


A Life in 30 Seconds: Secrets to Success in Business, Sport, and Life



How Women will the lead the shift to a healthier and happier YOU



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